Oil on Canvas


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- Minima 08/05/09

Dear Bernard,
I’d like to comgratulate you! I’ve seen your works on first then I have visited this page also.
I love your works very much. Worderful and light colours and brilliant technic.
Have a good luck in the future!
Best regards,

- Laszlo Fogarasi 11/02/11

Im just starting a site with FASO I love your use of light and color   great compositional quality;  Im also a figure artist. figure outdoor in dappled light id love to play with it on canvas with beautiful harmonies.  my art is mostly in waiting potential   but is in the master realm because I am an artist by deep nature. I really want to do the nude in color and expressionistic similar to what you do only toned my own feeling way.  appreciate your opinion or maybe talking sometime

- John Martin 04/16/12

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